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World Cup Football 2010 at Flicks Bar, Fuerteventura

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2010 World Cup in Flicks Bar, Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Watch the World Cup 2010 at Flicks Bar, Corralejo

The 2010 World Cup is taking place between 11 June and 11 July 2010.

For those of you coming to Corralejo (or anywhere else on Fuerteventura) wondering about the World Cup 2010 then the good news is that you WILL be able to watch the World Cup Live from many bars, pubs and restaurants!

If you are heading to Corralejo, among the many bars and pubs that will be showing the World Cup football is Flicks Bar. Here at Flicks we have decided to make this World Cup 2010 a very special event… to make Flicks Bar THE best place to watch the World Cup football live from South Africa.

For the England matches, we have some really special events planned. We want to make watching England in the World Cup 2010 the sort of experience you would want and expect from being in a holiday resort on Fuerteventura!

Flicks Bar will have:

-Two large Projector Screens (One in Flicks Lounge Bar and one in Flicks Karaoke and Disco Bar)

– Five Large screen Plasma TVs

– Large Terrace area to watch World Cup matches

– Air conditioning inside the bar

– Supervised (Thomas Cook) Children’s events on terrace inc. England Face Painting, games etc

– Exclusive World Cup England gifts and Special England World Cup Football drinks and drink deals.

– Plus much much more

So, if you are coming to Corralejo, Fuerteventura over the World Cup period, and want to watch the football in the best venue then DO make sure you come to Flicks Bar where we guarantee you will have the best World Cup Experience possible!!

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Karaoke History

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The History Of Karaoke

The word Karaoke comes from the two Japanese words: kara meaning “empty,” and ōkesutora (oke) meaning orchestra- so basically Karaoke means Empty Orchestra.

There are many different claims to who first invented the name karaoke. The most widely held belief is that the karaoke type machine was actually invented by a Japanese musician named Daisuke Inoue.

Karaoke Inventor BlokeDaisuke Inoue, who was a  musician when he was a young man, had a job backing businessmen who wanted to sing in bars. It is believed that he invented the machine so that they could sing  without the cost  and trouble of having to organise a live backing group or any live musicians. This was in 1971. The only problem was that Daisuke Inoue did not actually go to the trouble of patenting the machine… and therefore never made any money from it, thus missing the chance to become one of the richest men in Japan!!

Time Magazine named Inoue as one of  “The Most Influential Asians of the Century” in 1999 (recognising the giant worldwide craze that Karaoke had become..which was nice that he was now recognised as having invented Karaoke… but I bet he would rather had got the money!).

In fact Daisuke Inoue lost his chance to become one of Japan’s richest men to Roberto del Rosario.  He was a Filipino inventor who had actually developed a sing along system in 1975 (4 years after Daisuke Inoue had invented his system) and went and patented it in the 80s.  Roberto del Rosario called his sing-along system “Minus-One” but he holds the patent for the basic model that we now all know as the “karaoke machine”.

Karaoke developed across Asia to be one of the most most popular types of entertainment. The most common type of karaoke venue in asia being known as a karaoke box, which is usually a quite small room (thus providing an intimate atmosphere) that  contains karaoke equipment rented by the half hour or hour.

Across the rest of the world Karaoke started to become  extremely popular in pubs and clubs where they would offer karaoke on a weekly schedule, while some started to have Karaoke every night, developing into Karaoke Bars.

IMGP4072Flicks Bar has been offering Karaoke since 1997 and has, over the years, developed a fantastic concept… a lively Disco Fun Pub bar that plays all the latest club hits ..that also does Karaoke! Its a concept that has worked so much that it has turned Flicks bar into the one of the busiest bars and best bars in Corralejo Fuerteventura. Most people who come in to dance to the latest club sounds dont think they would ever sing on stage..but when they see everyone having fun, and then take a look through the list of the thousands of songs that are on offer, they very often have a go (usually with a little help from a cocktail or two)!!

So make sure that when you are in Corralejo, and you head into the centre of nightlife at Flicks Karaoke and Disco Bar for a fantastic night out..and you see the Karaoke with everyone having fun, then give just a little thought to Daisuke Inoue- the inventor of Karaoke!  (although, if you remember his name after a couple of cocktails then, well.. we’ll buy you a shot!!)

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Restaurants In Corralejo – La Scarpetta

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La Scarpetta Restaurant

La Scarpetta can be found just of the high street of Corralejo. At the roundabout turn left and head towards the shopping centre with the clock tower. Just inside, round the corner you will find this wonderful  restaurant.  La Scarpetta is the perfect venue for a special meal whether as a couple for a romantic meal or as a group who like something different.   Mario is the owner and he will greet you with a warm welcome.

La Scarpetta restaurant corralejoThe menu comes in two parts – the standard menu with pasta, chicken and fish dishes and the other part that is something a little bit different is Mario’s Specials of the day.  Make sure you are paying attention here as Mario will come to the table and describe the menu ( in various different languages!). He knows his food very well and will give a mouth watering description of how each dish is cooked and what it is served with.  A tip is to remember the ones you like as he goes along, otherwise Mario will finish talking and you will want everything on the menu.  His trick is to combine foods that you wouldn’t consider putting on the same plate – yet it works and makes for a great meal.

The wine choice in La Scarpetta is extensive and he is very knowledgeable about them, having travelled to other parts of Europe to buy them.  If you can make it to the sweet menu the fresh tiramisu is definitely worth trying before you make your way up to Flicks Bar for a fantastic night out……………

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Restaurants In Corralejo – La Mamma

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La Mamma Restaurant – Corralejo

La Mamma is a small intimate restaurant situated just off the high street in Corralejo. Hosted by the owner Gustavo and his daughter Consuela, it is a warm and friendly venue for a great meal.  La Mamma is undoubtedly one of the most consistently good quality restaurants in Corralejo and after numerous visits we can safely say we have never had a bad meal.

La Mamma is described as a Pizzeria however it really offers much more than the average Pizzeria. la mammaThe choice of wine is good and compliments a fantastic menu. Aside from your pizza and pasta  (which is also delicious) they offer steaks that melt in your mouth with sauces that, their special taste cannot be matched anywhere else. They have dishes such as mushroom or steak vol a vents that as a starter or main course with chips that have to be tried, plus a variety of chicken and vegetarian dishes. There is something for every taste.

The deserts are also very tempting – an irresistible chocolate mousse, various crepes or simply just some strawberries and cream.

Now also open in the day La Mamma offers Corralejo a breakfast and lunch menu.  With the advantage of  WIFI it is also the perfect venue for any lunchtime meetings or just Internet browsing over a coffee and croissant.

So, as you are heading down the Corralejo High Street towards your evening out at Flicks Bar, and you ask yourself where to eat in Corralejo, stop off here for your evening meal at least one night. When you reach the roundabout look left and you’ll see a clock tower of the Big Ben shopping centre.  Walk up this road and you’ll find La Mamma on the right hand side. 

Have a great meal and we’ll see you later in Flicks….

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Car Hire In Corralejo

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Corralejo Car Hire 

car hire in CorralejoEverything in Corralejo is within walking distance so there is actually no need to hire a car, however there are lots of wonderful places to visit on the island.  So, if one day you’ve had enough of lying by the pool or playing on the beach, hire a car, get out of Corralejo and explore…

Driving in Fuerteventura is pretty simple as long as you remember to keep on the right hand side!! The roads are quiet and the island doesn’t have that many roads so you shouldn’t get lost.  Basically one road runs from north to south of Fuerteventura with roads turning off to each coastline along the way..

Corralejo car hireHiring a car is easy as long as you are over 21 and have a valid driving licence.  There are lots of different companies offering car hire in Corralejo and they offer everything from the smallest 2 door economy car to a luxurious convertible or a family people carrier.

In our personal opinion we’d stick to the larger companies such as Hertz and Avis simply from a peace of mind with the insurance as you are driving in a strange country on the wrong side of the road.  However having said that, there is a Canarian based Car Hire company that is recommended called Cicar where some great deals can be found….

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