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Flicks Bar Corralejo makes National Headlines!

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National Headlines for Flicks Bar Corralejo

The first Flicks Bar Corralejo Charity Calendar made headlines in several national newspapers as well as lots of local newspapers around the UK!!

The story that got into national newspapers such as The Sun, The Mirror and The Metro, as well as some large local papers including The Leicester Mercury and the Isle Of Wight County Press involved James Bourner of Leicester and a bum tattoo!

James was in Flicks Bar Corralejo when he found out about the ‘fun picture’ charity calendar competition where customers were asked to send in photos of themselves to win a trip back to the seaside resort. James took a photo of the Flicks sign on his last night, determined to win!!James Bourner Flicks Bar Corralejo


As soon as James returned home he got his brother-in-law – a tattoo artist – to ink the Flicks Bar logo onto his right bum cheek….actually, it took up nearly the WHOLE of one bum cheek!!!!
But when he logged onto the internet to post the photograph of his new tattoo, he suffered a computer glitch and soon realised he had missed the competition deadline…… by just ten minutes!!!!!!
James, a carpenter, said: “I came back to Leicester two days before the competition closed, so I knew I didn’t have much time to get everything done and enter. It closed at 11.59pm on October 20.

“I really enjoyed my time on holiday and love Flicks Bar, and I was determined to win so I decided on the tattoo because I thought: “No one else will do this”. I called my brother-in-law and talked him through what I wanted.

“The tattoo was not supposed to be as big as it is. I had a problem reducing the image, and in the end had to go ahead with this one that covers my entire butt cheek.

James’s brother-in-law David Hibbert, 25, a freelance tattoo artist from Leicester, spent an hour inking the image on James’s bum.

“He finished the tattoo two hours before the competition deadline, then I went home and took a picture and I was trying to upload it, but my computer was going really slow” said James.
“It eventually sent and that’s when I realised that I’d missed the competition deadline by ten minutes. I was absolutely gutted.”

John Brophy, manager of the Flicks Bar in Fuerteventura, said: “We asked guests to take fun, unusual pictures of themselves and post them on the Facebook page.
The famous Corralejo tattoo“We had over 200 entries, but I didn’t expect to see anything like this…
But when I saw the picture I was amazed – it covered almost his entire bum cheek.
I could tell it was real because you can see that the skin around the tattoo is red and sore.”
As a consolation prize, Flicks Bar has offered to pay for flights so that James can holiday in Fuerteventura again soon.
John added: “If James had entered the competition on time, he probably would have had a good chance off winning, seeing as he went above and beyond the call of duty!
“We could not bend the rules for him because our competition was official and set up on Facebook, – but we had to make it up to him.
“James seems really pleased with our offer. He has been a real sport. After all, this is for charity!”

James will be claiming his holiday to Corralejo in February 2011!!!

The fact that this great story made national headlines was obviously great advertising for Flicks Bar, but even better news at getting publicity for the wonderful Charity the A-T Society.

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Flicks Charity Calendar – Supporting the A-T Society

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Flicks Charity Calendar – Supporting the A-T Society

Over the years, as Flicks Bar has grown to become the focal point of the nightlife in Corralejo, naturally the number of bar staff has grown! This meant that this year was the ideal time to do our first Flicks Bar calendar. We decided that the calendar should naturally be for charity.

Lucy Flicks Bar Corralejo Fuerteventura Calendar The photo shoots for the staff, both on the beach (to show that we have some of the best beaches in the world) and in the bar (to show just how great the nightlife is here as well!), were extremely fun and resulted in some amazing photos for the calendar. We also tied the calendar to a Photo Competition to find two photos to go on it (to win a holiday each courtesy of Thomas Cook and Oasis Hotels) which was extremely successful, and this also produced a news story that made lots of national newspapers!  (More of this can be read on this site).  This story has obviously given wonderful promotion for the charity that we are donating all of the proceeds of the sales of the calendar to: The A-T Society.

A T stands for Ataxia-Telangiectasia , which is a rare, neurodegenerative and progressive condition which starts in early childhood causing severe disability and premature death. It affects most parts of the body and robs the child of his/her independence.  A wheelchair is needed usually by the age of ten.

The A-T Society is a UK charity, established in 1989. The charity’s objective is to find a cure and develop treatments for A-T, and it is also devoted to supporting families affected by the condition as well as improving quality and length of life.

A popular little girl named Sophie who lives in Corralejo has this debilitating disease and so, with it being close to our hearts, thought it was the perfect charity for the first Flicks Bar Charity Calendar. Please buy one (or more!) from www.flicksbarshop.com

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Flicks Charity Calendar 2011 Now On Sale

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Flicks Bar Corralejo Charity Calendar 2011

The Flicks Charity Calendar 2011 has already been a fantastic success!

So many people over the last few years have been requesting that Flicks Flicks Bar Fuerteventura Calendar  Bar Corralejo does a calendar, so we decided that this year we would do it!

We realized that we were short of two Calendar Models, so we decided to run a photo competition via Facebook to find them.  We asked people to send us a picture of them that represents what Flicks is all about.  Nightlife based (or beach based), but about fun!  We had over two hundred entries, all of which were fantastic, and in the end there were two winners: Jenny Morrison and Kathryn Sendall.  They both won a accommodation for a week in Oasis Village (which is just ten minutes walk from the nightlife centre of Corralejo) courtesy of Oasis Hotels and flights courtesy of Thomas Cook Holidays.

The calendar has also made national headlines in the UK newspapers such as The Sun and The Daily Mirror … which you can read about on this site  as well!

The calendars are now on sale at  www.flicksbarshop.com  It features awesome photos of all of the Flicks Bar staff, the winning photos and the runners up pics as well. All of the proceeds of the Flicks Bar Calendar will go to a wonderful charity The A-T Society.

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Karaoke At Flicks

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We now have Karaoke in many different languages!

pic karaokeAs well as having thousands of karaoke songs in to choose from in Flicks Bar, we now have hundreds more to choose from in many different languages. We have German, Italian, Dutch , Swedish, Danish, Polish and  of course Spanish.

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