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Restaurants in Corralejo – Toro Bravo – where to eat before heading to Flicks Bar…

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Toro Bravo – A steak to be remembered…

Where to eat before your big night out in Flicks Bar is an important decision and Corralejo has hundreds of fantastic restaurants…some of which are amongst the best restaurants in Fuerteventura. For a restaurant that caters for all tastes look no further than Toro Bravo.

Toro Bravo can be found in the high street of Corralejo as you head down to Flicks Bar. Keep walking past the roundabout and look out for a large brightly lit restaurant on the right hand side. If you have any problems finding it ask for the police station and you will see Toro Bravo on the corner of the road leading there. Toro Bravo is one of Corralejo’s busiest restaurants but you should never have to wait long. Their bustling waiters will make sure you are quickly seated and served. The menu is really extensive with a huge range of steaks, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes. Plus they have a children’s menu so there really is something for everyone at a reasonable price too….Before hitting the nightlife of Corralejo and heading up to Flicks Bar it is crucial you eat well. In Toro Bravo you can be sure of a good solid meal to set you up for your night out.

The atmosphere in Toro Bravo is also something to be experienced. Being situated on the main street of Corralejo it has a great view of the high street and if people watching is your hobby, it’s great to watch all the young people strolling by, dressed up for their night out in Corralejo. In the restaurant the atmosphere is buzzing as numerous waiters run around, all with their own tasks in hand and serving is made to look easy. In the background a chef is preparing the barbecued meats which launches all sorts of delicious smells into the air…..Hungry????…

Of all the things to do in Corralejo, Toro Bravo is a must visit restaurant and one that will definitely enhance your Fuerteventura holiday. Mention you have been recommended by Flicks Bar and they will treat you to a delicious glass of sangria which has to be tried…. Following your delicious meal you will be ready to head on up to the nightlife centre of Fuerteventura and enjoy your night out in Flicks Bar….

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Flicks Bar is the venue for the After Show Party for Fuerteventura’s biggest Charity Event.

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The 25th and 26th of August will see the annual charity event run by Thomson and First Choice Holidays in Corralejo, Fuerteventura – This year a 24 hour radio show followed by an after show party in Flicks Bar Corralejo (the centre of Fuerteventura’s nightlife!!!) will be raising money for two really good causes. The first is the Family Holiday Association, a charity that helps provide much needed short holidays and breaks for disadvantaged children and families, who live in poverty and other distressing circumstances such as bereavement, illness, violence and abuse. The second is for a local girl from Fuerteventura, Patricia Gonzalez Fraile who is a very brave little girl battling the rare illness leukodystrophy.

Tune in to the Thomson/First Choice Charity show on QFM Radio from 6pm on the 25th of August. There are SERIOUSLY some AMAZING prizes for you to bid on. Stuart Randall, the charity coordinator and QFM DJ here in Corralejo has coerced many agents to the rich and famous and managed to get hold of some fantastic items including a Kylie Minogue signed CD boxset, an Alexandra Burke signed CD, a The Saturdays signed CD & signed photographs, a Lady Gaga signed photo with CD!…..
and much much more…… All the local businesses in Fuerteventura have donated loads of prizes too, which will either be included in the auction or be available to win during the Charity Party night in Flicks Bar.

If you would like any more info on
how to bid for these amazing prizes go to www.radioqfm.com



Flicks are hosting the Charity Night Party when the show ends on Fri 26th and from 8pm there will
be a host of activities to entertain you. The theme for the evening is Glow so dig out your brightest,  whitest clothes
and show off your tan!!! Be sure to get your faces painted when you get to Flicks to get into the neon mood….. for more info keep posted to our facebook page – Flicks Bar Fuerteventura

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Relaxing Hen Weekends in Fuerteventura

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Hen Parties – Party by night in Flicks Bar, relax by day…

Flicks Bar is the busiest bar in Corralejo and therefore the perfect destination for any hen party to spend their hen night. Whether it be for a long weekend or a week there is a host of activities for girls to enjoy. For the party girls who want to party all night and relax by day there are some really special options….

Firstly Fuerteventura is known for its miles and miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches. From Corralejo you can walk, get a local bus or take a taxi to the sand dunes. Here you can grab a sunlounger and chill out for the day in the glorious sunshine.   At the Corralejo Sand dunes  there are small beach bars on the main beaches but you may be better prepared if you pack up a few sandwiches and lots of water to make sure you have enough for the day. Once you are on the beach the nearest shop is a fair walk away. So, get prepared and then you can relax for the whole day…

For those who fancy some extra special pampering then the perfect retreat for relaxation is Mirak.  Based in Parque Hollandes,just outside Corralejo, this mini oasis is worth the car or taxi ride. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to get there, but it’s a promise that it will be worth it. You will be greeted by the owner Jenny who will show you to the changing rooms and sort out your luxurious robes. Here there are lockers for you to put away all your valuables and as you will not need any money till the day is finished,  you can put everything away, think about nothing and relax…

From now on the day is your choice, you can do as much or as little as you want to. Choose to just pay for the “Day of Relax” which allows you to use all the facilities which include an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna with freezing cold dip pool plus being able to spend the day sunbathing in the luxurious surroundings of this tropical paradise.  All you will hear is the sounds of the exotic birds singing as you chill out and plan what you are gonna wear that evening for your night out…… This day will only cost you 15€ per person and you can stay there from 10am till 6pm.  Mirak serve light lunches so you do not need to worry about taking food with you and it is all at a very reasonable price.

If you fancy extra special treatments whilst in Mirak, there are a multitude to choose from including massage, manicures and pedicures, alpha body capsule ( a space like capsule you get in that wiggles and heats you plus makes you lose weight…what more could you want after those tasty cocktails in Flicks Bar!!!!) and loads more. Than at 6pm Jenny will call you a taxi and it’s off back to your hotel to put on your glad rags before you hit the nightlife of Corralejo!!! If you are interested in Mirak we suggest you book on 928 175 338.

For more fun and activities to do on your hen week in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, click here

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More things to do on your Hen Weekend in Corralejo

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Your perfect Hen Night destination – Fuerteventura

You’ve had enough of relaxing and have regained your energy after your fantastic night out in Flicks Bar last night. What do you fancy doing…? Let’s see, what do most girls enjoy doing….SHOPPING!!!

As we said before there are two shopping centres in Corralejo….Campanario and Las Palmeras. These are where you will find most of the retail chains such as Zara, Springfield, Stradivarious and more. 

 However if you have visited these shops and still not found that something special then lead your hen party down the Corralejo High Street where you will find all the big surf shops and a host of smaller boutiques. If it is something “One off” you fancy take a look in ” A Ver”.  This shop is just after the pharmacy at the bottom of the high street on the left. Here you will find  more classic outfits that you will not see anywhere else. Shopping here is a little pricier than the average shop in Corralejo, but definitley worth the money.

 If it is a trendy outfit you are searching for then turn round the next corner on the left and look for “Chill & Jam” – the owner here is called Consuelo and she will custom design an outfit for you for your special night out. Flicks Bar and Chill & Jam hosted a fashion show earlier in the year and her outfits are perfect to hit the nightlife for that special evening.

You will pass what seems like hundreds of perfume shops. Make sure you shop around for all your perfume, electrical goods, cigarettes and liquor and don’t be afraid to haggle as the majority of them will lower the price if they think they will lose the sale!!! For perfume, generally Fund Grube is the cheaper, in the Las Palmeras Shopping Centre at the top of Corralejo but its worth checking. Make sure you smell hot for your hen night!!!  Whatever you end up paying it will surely be cheaper here in Fuerteventura than you can get in the UK , so make sure you push for a bargain.

For those hard core shoppers who want to fill their whole day there is an option out of Corralejo. A free bus will take you down to the capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario.  It will drop you of outside the Las Rotondas Shopping Centre. Here you have 3 floors full of all the big name shops such as H&M, Zara, Blanco, Encuentro, Animal…..plus C&A ( a good old fashioned British classic shop that most of you will be too young to remember!!!) plus you will just have time to grab a quick Burger King before you head back to Corralejo to get ready to celebrate in Flicks Bar that evening.

So now you are shopped out….click here to see what other fun activities you can do during your hen weekend..

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Things to do on your Hen Weekend in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

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Hen Nights and more fun in Fuerteventura….

Your fun evenings are already taken care of by joining the team in Flicks Bar (the busiest bar in Corralejo and centre of nightlife in Corralejo), who are dedicated to ensuring that the bride to be and al of lher hens will leave Corralejo with fantastic memories……but what about the daytime?

We know that for most girls during the day they like to occupy themselves in a variety of different ways. One hobby that we take very seriously is…SHOPPING!!….so we will now let you know all the great reasons for choosing Corralejo as your hen weekend destination…and its not only for the nightlife.

If it’s shopping that you enjoy then Corralejo has really come into its own over the last couple of years. Start on a Sunday by visiting the Campanario Shopping Centre, which is a beautiful maze of little streets where you will find a selection of stores such as Rip Curl, Springfield, Natura, Intersport, Womens Secret plus numerous Perfume, Designer Ladies Wear and Bag Shops. We suggest you visit here on a Sunday as there will be a local craft market where you and your girlfriends will find a selection of foods, jewellery and more…all locally made by the residents of Fuerteventura. In the centre of Campanario you will find a delightful square filled with little coffee shops and restaurants. Here on a Sunday a local canarian group play traditional music…a great place to relax after your hectic night in Flicks Bar the night before!!!

From Campanario if you and the rest of your hen party are looking for more shopping then take a short walk towards Corralejo where you will find the Las Palmeras Shopping Centre ( Fuerteventura’s newest shopping centre). This is home to more shops such as Zara, Encuentro, Stradivarius, Fund Grube and Sport Zone.  Shop till you drop here then grab a quick coffee and some sun on the terrace downstairs..be careful not to get splashed here by the fountain with its jumping water, as it will take you by surprise when it turns on!!!! Now you should feel refreshed and ready to go home, get on the glad rags and head out to Flicks Bar for a fun filled evening out…..

If you haven’t satisfied your need for shopping yet and need to know more options then click here..

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