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Flicks Charity Calendar – Supporting the A-T Society

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Flicks Charity Calendar – Supporting the A-T Society

Over the years, as Flicks Bar has grown to become the focal point of the nightlife in Corralejo, naturally the number of bar staff has grown! This meant that this year was the ideal time to do our first Flicks Bar calendar. We decided that the calendar should naturally be for charity.

Lucy Flicks Bar Corralejo Fuerteventura Calendar The photo shoots for the staff, both on the beach (to show that we have some of the best beaches in the world) and in the bar (to show just how great the nightlife is here as well!), were extremely fun and resulted in some amazing photos for the calendar. We also tied the calendar to a Photo Competition to find two photos to go on it (to win a holiday each courtesy of Thomas Cook and Oasis Hotels) which was extremely successful, and this also produced a news story that made lots of national newspapers!  (More of this can be read on this site).  This story has obviously given wonderful promotion for the charity that we are donating all of the proceeds of the sales of the calendar to: The A-T Society.

A T stands for Ataxia-Telangiectasia , which is a rare, neurodegenerative and progressive condition which starts in early childhood causing severe disability and premature death. It affects most parts of the body and robs the child of his/her independence.  A wheelchair is needed usually by the age of ten.

The A-T Society is a UK charity, established in 1989. The charity’s objective is to find a cure and develop treatments for A-T, and it is also devoted to supporting families affected by the condition as well as improving quality and length of life.

A popular little girl named Sophie who lives in Corralejo has this debilitating disease and so, with it being close to our hearts, thought it was the perfect charity for the first Flicks Bar Charity Calendar. Please buy one (or more!) from www.flicksbarshop.com

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