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Ryanair – Even More Flights to Fuerteventura

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Flights to Fuerteventura

More About Ryanair

In 1992 another EU deregulation of the air industry allowed another major opportunity for Ryanair. This meant that an airline from one EU country now had the right to operate scheduled services between any other EU countries. (For example, Ryanair flys to Fuerteventurathis is what now allows Ryanair, an Irish Airline, to operate services between Madrid and Fuerteventura, or indeed London and Madrid!).

Ryanair’s has used “free” advertising to very good use. Mostly this involves Michael O’Leary deliberately courting some kind of controversy, usually with a press statement, which never fails to make the newspapers as well as the television news headlines… therefore generating totally free publicity!

One example of this was, on an extremely quiet day for news Ryanair announced that it was seriously considering charging one pound to passengers each time they wished to use the toilet on their flights. This made headlines for several days. (Including such headlines as  “Ryanair announce ´Pay-Per-Poo’ service”).  However, a week later O’Leary confirmed that the whole thing was a publicity stunt and said “It is not likely to happen, but it makes for interesting and very cheap PR!”.

In 2000 Ryanair launched its website. Online booking initially was said by Ryanair to be only a very small and unimportant part of the reason for the site. However, within just a year of Ryanair setting it up, the website site was handling three-quarters of all bookings! It was then realised that this online booking could actually contribute to helping to further cut flight prices by selling direct to passengers and therefore totally exclude all of the costs that had to be paid to travel agents.

Today it is only possible to book seats via the website or via the “Ryanair direct” call-centre. To learn more specifically about Ryanairs flights to Fuerteventura click here….

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