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About Thomson Holidays

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Thomson Holidays is a holiday company that is based in the UK. It is part of the Tui Travel Group.

Thomson Holidays was first started in 1965 by Canadian businessman Roy Thomson. Roy Herbert Thomson (June 5th  1894- August 4th 1976) was born in Toronto, Ontario June 5 1894.

After WWI Thomson became a radio salesman in Northern Ontario, but he found this really hard as there really were not that many radio stations around that part of the world. So, in order to make  selling radios easier to roy thomsonpotential customers he thought he had better start up a radio station! This he did in 1931 and although he  still sold radios for quite a long time after that,  his  main business became the radio station.  Having made a very large success of this Thomson went on to buy lots more radio stations and also newspapers in various Ontario locations ( by the early 50s he owned nineteen newspapers in total!). Thomson expanded his empire into the British newspaper business which went to include The Times and The Sunday Times as well as buying Scottish Television. In 1964 Thomson was made a British Citizen.

In 1965 Roy Thomson created Thomson Holidays which he built by having bought a few smaller travel companies  as well as the airline Britannia Airways.

In 1972  Thomson Holidays also bought the travel agency Lunn Poly.  Poly travel was founded in 1888 and named lunn_poly_shopPoly travel because it was set up by Regent Street Polytechnic. It provided  a travel service only for students  but in the 50s- because its travel programme was so popular-, it was renamed Poly Travel Ltd and its holidays were opened up to the public.  Sir Henry Lunn Travel was founded by Sir Henry Simpson Lunn (July 30 1859-March 18 1939)  five years after Poly Travel. After many years of rivalry The Poly and Lunn groups  merged in 1965 when Lunns  acquired Poly Travel and the company became Lunn Poly. This went on to be one of the biggest chains of travel agents in Britain. When Thomson Holidays bought the travel agency Lunn Poly in 1972 the travel company had an extremely large high street presence (it was 32 years later, in 2004, that The Lunn Poly brand was finally put under the banner of Thomson Holidays ).

thomson shopIn 2000 Tui Travel PLC acquired Thomson Travel.

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About Thomas Cook

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Thomas Cook – About The Company

Thomas Cook the travel company was founded by Englishman Thomas Cook in the mid 19th Century.
Born 22 November 1808 in the village of Melbourne, Derbyshire, Thomas Cook left school aged about 10 and started out as an assistant to a local gardener and then aged 14 he got a job as as a cabinet maker which he did for 5 years. He became a Baptist missionary in 1828.

thomas_cookIt was on 5 July 1841 that Thomas Cook arranged his first excursion. He was in charge of making arrangements for a group to go to a meeting in Loughborough. Thomas cook arranged for the rail company to charge one shilling per person that included rail tickets and food for the train journey and he was paid a share of the fares. This became the first public excursion by train in the UK! He did this three years running until in 1844 the Midland Counties Railway Company arranged to make this permanent arrangement, encouraging him to find more passengers. Because this was so successful it led to Thomas Cook starting his own business running rail excursions- always taking a percentage of all of the tickets sold.
Thomas Cook’s business grew to now include a railway tour of Europe, and so in the 1860’s he started the travel company with the name Thomas Cook and sons, which now expanded to include tours of America.
Thomas Cook and Sons grew larger and more successful. By the late 1880s the company had set up offices all around the world. These included 3 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand. In 1890 the company sold over 3.25 million tickets!
In the 1950s Thomas Cook, having been nationalised in 1948, began promoting foreign holidays in a big way to members of the public in Britain across Europe especially in Spain, Switzerland and Italy.
thomas cook planeOver the years and many succeses Thomas Cook announced in 2007 a merger with the travel company MyTravel. The new group was named Thomas Cook Group plc.

Thomas Cook now has a total fleet of almost 100 aircraft, nearly 3000 stores and in the neighborhood of 33,000 employees. With an average of over 19.1 million customers per year, Thomas Cook has now become the second largest travel company in the UK and in Europe after TUI Travel.

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